Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

With summer right around the corner we wanted to try some new recipes to help out with “beach body 2015”. I remembered the Vietnamese style spring rolls I’d learned to make during a month vacation in Vietnam 8 years ago, refreshing and easy and perfectly matched with our new product Sarayo Sweet! These are low carb, low sugar and gluten free.

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Sarayo Guacamole

Guacamole with a kick!

Living in Southern California there is almost a competition over who can produce the best guacamole. Some people deliver a straight traditional guac, while others practice artistic license and push the envelope as to what is considered guacamole. Either way, people expect a solid ‘mole to be offered, or you will have to put up with tales of their neighbor’s aunt’s sister-in-law’s guacamole and how “I could call her for the recipe now if you want.”
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Sarayo Deviled Eggs

Sarayo Deviled Eggs

A great aspect of Sarayo is its versatility, if you were going to use mayonnaise on something, use some Sarayo for an extra flavor pop. My wife had been meaning to try Sarayo with her deviled egg recipe, Sarayo makes sure the spiciness of the sriracha is distributed evenly, and the high quality mayonnaise used ensures creaminess to the yolk mix. She also figured a new 18 cup deviled egg platter was required…bring on the guests!
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Paprika Parmesan Potatoes

Paprika Parmesan Potatoes!

Every Sunday morning I get up a couple of hours before my wife, and I know what I need to do to make her morning; a fresh juice and my awesome Paprika, Parmesan, Potatoes (PPP)! This recipe is perfectly finished with Sarayo Original, which brings it’s umami creamy heat(thanks to it’s Sriracha Mayo combo), combining wonderfully with the paprika and parmesan. My wife loves the Sarayo original flavor with PPP, because the creamy mayo carries the flavors’ through the dish.

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